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When Did I Start Talking to Dragons?


I was considering, when did I start talking to dragons? I think I’ve always have been having discussions with dragons, but at a certain point, I realized it.

I was in meditation some years back, and I was conversing with this wise old ancient voice that was incredibly deep and so pure. I was quite relaxed, and it all seemed very normal. Yet in that moment, it occurred to me to ask, who is this? Who am I actually talking to? It didn’t quite seem like it could be great spirit, because the being was here on earth, versus coming from the big golden Grace at the source of all. This ancient being answered me with an image. This is how many of the higher beings communicate, it’s a series of images, sometimes laced with words to accommodate us humans. The communication is a rich fabric, like an incredible thick brocade. The actual communication takes place on a myriad of levels and perhaps dimensions (?) simultaneously.

The picture he showed me was this absolutely, enormous, ancient, golden dragon. He is so old. He told me that the dragons are the old ones and they are the ones who remember. I had learned somewhere, I’m not sure where, that the dragons are smarter than any of us. In connecting with this amazing being, I certainly agree with that.

I find the communication of a dragon to be deep, rich and sincere. It clearly comes from the neutral, humorous wisdom of the crown chakra, and yet there is warmth and heart. It sometimes has a lyrical cynicism that you can’t help but laugh at. There is witty and humorous dialogue. However, I have found a dragon to be absolutely livid when boundaries are crossed. They won’t bother with you unless you pay them tremendous respect and from where I’m looking at it, I believe that they deeply deserve it.

Dragons are great friends, companions, and healers. It can be fun to hang out with one and suddenly hear their voice in the midst of zany things happening in life. They often have a drawl and tremendously experienced and wise perspective, and they can be so darn funny!

I find one of the incredible things they can do for us is help us remember ourselves. Consider the word re-member. It means that we’re putting our members back into place, another way of considering that, is recalling ourselves. Bringing or calling parts of ourselves present, that may have been lost or missing, forgotten, or simply unconscious. The dragon is so old, and they can remember us from many, many lifetimes. They offer a potent mirror for us.

This reminds me of a rather comical section of the Star Trek related program called Deep space Nine. In this particular event, the captain is talking to his science officer. She’s young, gorgeous and her name is Jadzia Dax. The captain is in the habit of calling her “old man”, which is confusing until you know why. The Dax part of Jadzia is an ancient, and really intelligent being currently residing in the body of this brilliant young woman. DAX brings the wisdom and memory of this ancient being, and the grace and knowledge of Jadzia into one persona. The reason this reminds me of dragon wisdom, is that dragons help us remember who we have been. So the Dax being inside of Jadzia, makes it seem as if she was sharing her body with a dragon. It’s simply a good analogy.

So, when a dragon is talking to you, perhaps as the old man that you once were, or the queen you once were, the priest, the peasant, the farmer, the sculptor of marble, and all the things that you may have ever been, and done ….talking to a dragon, is like experiencing the mosaic of your soul coming back into a divine harmonic. Why? because they can remember the whole of us, while we have mostly forgotten, or become unconscious. Dragons are great with riddles… Although they may or may not choose to answer. They will look to see if you are ready for the answer, and if you aren’t, listen to what they ask of you because they will send you on some sort of quest to prepare yourself; so that you’re ready for the answer. Life is like that! Dragons are great teachers!

I think one of the qualities of dragons that astounds me the most is their patience. They can wait for years, sometimes centuries for the right time to do something, or communicate, or teach, or make a move in anyway at all. They’ve been around for so long, that they’re not in a hurry. They trust the deep ancient rhythm of time and they bide the moment, waiting for the right one. I find they are often scandalized by what a hurry we’re in, and that we don’t quite understand that the right moment is essential for so many, many things in life.

If you have encountered some religious or mythic stories that dragons are bad or Evil, I would urge you to reconsider. Sometimes those who want to control or manipulate others… definitely do not want people to communicate with dragons, because they always know the truth of things. They have tried to incriminate dragons or get rid of them, so that nobody can listen to them and learn from their wisdom…. As well as discover the real truth of things! Tragically, there have been many campaigns to rid the world of them. Because of those who would do harm, the great dragons of Earth, have mastered hiding and camouflage. Most of their communication is clairvoyant and telepathic.

There may have been other beings, that are a little bit more like a reptile that people thought were dragons, and many times they have impersonated dragons. The dragons are rather indignant, and somewhat disgusted by this. Can you blame them? I don’t think any of us would like to be impersonated by someone doing evil things and have people think badly of us! It’s important to understand, that according to the dragons themselves, they are not reptiles. They are species unto themselves!

One other instance, where a dragon might be perceived as dark, is if one should be caught and imprisoned and used for their power, their wisdom, and their magic; then they are very angry, which they have every right to be! They may come across as being evil because they are lashing out, trying to get free. It’s a terrible thing. Vibrationally, when we come across this, we get together a team of psychics, and we do all we can to rescue them! Those of us who love dragons have no tolerance for their imprisonment or their abuse.

One way we can offer you to get to know dragons is by listening to any of our dragon meditations… You can find them in our download store. Currently we have seven, but more are being dreamed up!

Another way to commune with dragons: To drift into a meditation, and just sit long enough to feel quiet and deep. Then send out a hello. Wait and listen, give it time…and see if there’s a dragon that hears you & responds. There probably is! If you don’t get a hello on your first try, don’t give up, try again another day. If you refrain from doubting yourself, you will hear that old wise voice communing with you… Don’t outthink yourself and try to figure out what’s happening, just listen and pay attention, discover the wisdom, the love, the kindness, the sometimes-wacky logic, the incredible brilliance, and the masterful ability to jigsaw a zillion pieces of reality into one, big, clear picture. If they’re open… Find your humility, and your child like wonder and ask questions. They enjoy teaching.

In case you wonder, I have their blessing to tell you all of this. They are interested in you if you are interested in them… they command respect in a way that modern people don’t always remember how to give. They are certainly great at reminding us of many things. Having communication with a dragon, is a worthy pursuit, and they are astounding friends in the eventualities of all the different things that happen to us in life. If you’ve ever felt lonely for a deep old wise one to connect with, and mole over the strangeness’s & wonders of the journey, I sincerely suggest a dragon.


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