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Understanding Female Energy


There are a lot of different trainings for women being offered these days. It’s rather overwhelming, so many different offerings, and so many things to learn… They talk a lot about success. So many things to study so many things to do, sometimes it’s simply too much & it’s important to simplify. The truth is: In the female spectrum, it’s not about goals and success. It’s about an actual relationship with the spiritual essence of our female bodies and how our spiritual being functions in this female body. Its about discovering and working with the vibrational mechanics of our bodies.

You see, what many women are learning… We are actually re-learning…What we are re-learning is, what is female energy anyway? Why are we called the opposite sex? There are so many answers to that question and part of it is: How are we nourished? How are we fed? Another part of it is the whole emotional spectrum, how we manage energy and how we problem solve…..& why we problem solve?

Women are, magnetic, attractive, receptive, and need to experience a certain degree of stillness. That’s a tall order in this society, and none of these are mental concepts, but vibrational states of being. I can talk about them, but the best way for you to really understand them is to take one of our women’s

Workshops or send the women in your life, who are important to you, to discover how their own female energy really works in their bodies. It’s not about having facts. It’s about an actual relationship with the spiritual essence of our bodies and how our spiritual being functions in this female body.

We also have a magnetic energy field that allows us to attract to ourselves all things needful in our lives. When our magnetic energy field is sorely depleted, we are unable to attract many of the things, events, situations, etc. that would fulfill us. Then the not having of these things can magnify & its really unpleasant.

You see, one absolute truth about the feminine is that we must be fulfilled in order to function. We don’t operate in a deficit … so if we get filled up by vibrations that are unpleasant… Like negative emotions, or problems, other peoples issues, the pain of life, or self-worth issues, etc…we won’t be able to let those go until we can shift the energy and fill up with something else. A woman can’t simply get over it, she has to actually, vibrationally, let go of the vibrations filling her up that are uncomfortable, negative and hurtful.

What we teach a woman, is how to let go of everything that’s not working for her, that’s not comfortable, that are negative or hurtful, and then, how to begin to receive that which would really nourish her and allow her to find her own essential frequency, and feel prosperous and joyful in her body again.

We are teaching women how to begin to get picky about what we hold onto, & how to make a life practice of letting go of the things that don’t work for us… this can resolve an enourmous amount of issues! None of this is intellectual, none of this is happening in mind. It’s happening between the spirit & the actual physiology & chemistry of our female bodies.

Practicing some specific female energy tools, allows us to get out of pain, raise our vibration, stop, overthinking everything and begin to find a state of awareness that is just incredibly nourishing. It allows us to attract what we want, find fulfillment and be healthy in a myriad of ways.

Come join us for a monthly workshop any month or take a look at our audio store for many exciting and nurturing past classes. You can strengthen your magnetic body, let go of all that is uncomfortable to you, and begin to bring in what truly nourishes you and fills you up in a way that is wonderful for you.


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