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The Journey Home


When I first began taking beginning Clairvoyant classes, I was told this amazing thing. I was told that within me, were all of my answers. That the only information that would ultimately nourish me and get me where I need to go, was my own.

Huh? Haha, this sounded great, however, it confused me. I mean, what? I wasn’t sure what that information was, what they meant or how to get it? So, I asked the teacher about that. She said she was glad I asked, and she would spend the next few weeks, answering my question by teaching me, tools and techniques that would help me to discover this information & what it is.

I thought “OK why not? I’m curious to find out & I wasn’t sure I believed this. You see, I came from a tradition where I was told I didn’t know very much and other people knew a lot…. So this whole concept was beyond intriguing! I have my own information and it works for me and comes from an inner source I can connect with within? Ok, sign me up. LOL

Now, back in this time, there was no Internet, no Google, no computers! We read a lot of books. I had read many, many spiritual books. I had read other peoples spiritual stories and spiritual journeys, their essays, their philosophies, their memories, all kinds of things. I had read books about the mystery teachings… I had learned all kinds of things, but I essentially, I didn’t know very much. Of course I didn’t realize that … I didn’t know yet, that knowing things is totally different from learning, memorizing & obtaining information.

It was a whole new concept to understand that I could realize things in my own inner landscape, that my higher self had an enormous amount of information already there & that she could share it with me when I learned how to access and receive it. I learned in these classes, that I often didn’t have enough room/space for it, or I was asking for it from the wrong place.

A great analogy of wrong place: might be trying to make dinner in the bedroom or keeping your computer in the refrigerator… Certain things just need to happen in the right place, right? Well, we have to get in the right place to receive our own information. Then….We have to be able to let go of everybody else’s information, so that we can percolate and discover what’s truly ours. Sometimes we attach ourselves to other peoples information, so it can be hard to let go of. It takes some humility to let go of what we worked hard to absorb….but it’s so deeply worth it! What’s ours feeds us and enriches us in a way beyond all words.

Challenge: Many of us have a really hard time in creating space to discovering this. The challenge is our intellect. You know, that part inside your head that you can experience like being on a hamster wheel, spinning and spinning? Asking questions, thinking the same thing over and over and sometimes needing to know that it’s right, etc? It tells us that it already learned this; it has collected an array of facts; instead of real understanding… the problem is that these facts are simply one perception. It’s something learned from somebody else, and it may not be the truth or your truth or essentially even work for you.

It’s an amazing and astounding thing to realize that there is your truth, versus the truth. I mean think about it!Aren’t there all kinds of philosophies, religions, and techniques that tell us what the truth is? Don’t many of them conflict with each other? And even battle with each other, over what’s the truth? And why would there be so many different prescriptions for what truth is? Well, the answer to that became very clear to me in my Clairvoyant training. There’s more colors of truth then there are in the rainbow. There’s more variations of truth, there are more variations of musical songs and notes of truth and musical styles of truth, than any of us could ever process in our thinking minds. There is a wonderful knowledge that each of us is here incarnate, to discover: “What is the flavor of our own truth?” How is that information realized, seen, understood, known * processed inside of us?

You know what? Finding this, will birth something new inside of you. It will feel incredibly good. There will be a resonance and you will realize that there are all these other things you’ve been trying to make fit you, that might seem positive or wonderful, but don’t really work for you. You may feel as if you’ve been walking around wearing pants that are too big because you like them… or somebody else said they were the ones to wear… But they don’t fit you! And it makes movement hard, and it hinders your freedom. Suddenly there’s a surge of freedom and a resurgence of understanding your place in the spectrum of all things, because that which is uniquely, yours begins to be understood by you and that which isn’t, you find it easy to let go of.

One of the hardest things about finding out we have own information, is letting go of all the other information that we we’ve attached ourselves to! Oh heavens, there is so much of it. Often, we have decided it must be truth or right and maybe it is in someways…for some people, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to always be truth or be right for you. It’s like what kind of soup will satisfy your unique body and soul… There’s a journey of discovering that, and once we open to the journey and get open to letting go of all the things that we think are right… We have to stop reading books for for a while and absorbing everybody else’s information. We have to take a break from reading everything on the Internet and filling ourselves up with all this data, that is simply that. It might seem precious and amazing but it’s simply data. It’s not the fluid information that is your own soul feeding you the formulations and information that resonate you in a way that make you free, that bring you enthusiasm, that make you feel like you’re on the true journey home.

I find a lot of people looking for what home is. Perhaps home is a state that happens in our own soul when we discover our true information, how to connect with the God of our hearts, and how to find that information that feeds us in every possible way.

Maybe home is where the answers are, the ones that really fit us..The ones that are comfortable for us to walk around in each day. The ones that allow us to know, have, create, and be true to ourselves.

Wanna find home? Come join some of our classes….it’s a great journey and we welcome you.


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