Teleconference Instructions


Most of our classes are offered via live, audio teleconference. You can call-in from anywhere in the world!

Teleconference Classes via MaestroConference

When you register for an event through our website, you will land on a confirmation page, and receive a confirmation email. Both will include your call-in number and unique PIN from our teleconferencing platform, MaestroConference.

Calling by Phone

The call-in number will be a normal US phone number. Regular phone rates apply, so please check with your phone carrier for pricing. This will simply be a long distance call. No other charges are attached to the dialing the number.

At the time of your call, enter the phone number. This gets you into the "Magic Isle campus" on MaestroConference. Then, after the prompt, enter your PIN, followed by the # key. Your PIN gets you into the right classroom!

You will enter a teleconference “global auditorium.” Imagine that you find your seat among the other students! Make yourself comfortable. You might hear some music until the event is ready to start, and then a teacher will greet you and begin.

Calling from a Computer

Alternatively, you can dial in using your computer by visiting:

When prompted, enter your PIN to enter the classroom. Allow the device to use your mic.

International Calling

Calling from outside the US? In this case, we recommend using the webphone option above.


We love participation! If you have a question or a comment, press 1 on your keypad. This is like “raising your hand,’ and the teacher can call on you.

Sound Issues

If you’re somewhere noisy, we may mute you so the noise doesn’t disturb the other students. You can also mute your own phone, and unmute yourself when you have something to share. If you have trouble hearing at any point, or the sound gets funny, press 2 on your keypad. This lets the teacher know there’s a sound issue.