Female Energy Series ~ 2024


Enroll in the full series of 12 Female Energy Classes for 2024


Enroll in the full series of 12 Female Energy Classes for 2024

About the Female Energy Series:

Female energy is very special and often very misunderstood in our present culture. In this series, we explore and discover the secrets to our own miraculous female energy systems. Our energy flows entirely differently than men’s. Because of this, we have to manage our energies & realties very differently than they do. This series is geared towards helping you as a woman, to understand, heal & be abundant in your unique energy system….to cherish and honor your unique and creative powers.

2024 Classes in this Series:


January: Female Energy & Unicorns


We all know unicorns are powerful, and pure hearted beings. They teach about the vibration of love. Not the word, or metal concept of emotional pull. They show us the truth of what love really is. Would you like to get going into this year, living in a flow of miraculous love? Would you like to receive divine love in every cell of your body? Would you like to experience your own self love blossoming in your heart?

The unicorn is a rich and potent guide for all of these things. She will be supporting you through this whole workshop. She will provide you with tremendous healing, and show you the way home to the heart of our own being where you can live in a delicious flow of love. This can nourishes you, support you, regenerate you and help you to remember the truth frequency of your essential self.

Unicorns hold cures for anxiety, heart ache, exhaustion, fear and worry. Through 2024 when these things loom, you will know how to call her. This is so inspiring.

Want to ride the magic and flow with the unicorn in 2024 ? Come join us and she can be your mentor all year long!

February: Female Energy & Supreme Love: A Receiving of a Radiant All-Fulfilling Love


Your higher self is filled with all the key codes that radiate a connection love that you need in every way. The goal being; to support you in time in space. The trick then is in the receiving of it. We are so hardwired in this world, to doing vs being. However, this is not a doing! It is a point of simply allowing it to flow into us and not blocking it. We will be looking at what blocks it (?) and how to release that. The truth is, we can’t receive it without enough space. Let’s get some of the space we’ve lost or given away, back!

When we stop blocking it, and it flows in with full and beautiful radiance, then it feeds and nourishes your body and really steps up your well-being. Your body needs this vibration to thrive.

It’s a month of love, so let’s let that love in. Let’s let it fill the different parts of us in a way that allows us, as women, to fulfill all that we are. Want it? Come join us.

March: Female Energy and Manifestation: Using your Female Power to Create


All women are manifesters. Sometimes we don’t know it. Why? Because we are giving that juice and that magic away to other people or/and to certain situation’s. Many of us grew up learning to do this.

And…Sometimes, we are just bleeding off all this creative power. It’s a self sabotage, generally unconscious.

Want to stop bleeding it off? Want to stop giving it away? (If you feeling generous, let us note here, that giving it away this way, is enabling vs a true gift) YES??!! Want to begin to direct it for yourself?

Got a list? Come join us! It’s going to be a fabulous healing and tremendous adventure. A reclaiming of your feminine in a potent way….just the right thing to start into spring!

April: Female Energy and Mermaids: Letting your Tail and the Magic set your Course


We are all navigating our way through the sea of life, water being a feminine element. We all love the mermaid, we’re enchanted by her, and we have dreams and fantasies of her magic.WHY? Because essentially, she is a part of all women. We all carry her deep, rich, intuitive essence. The tail represents our ability to reach deeply into the waters of the feminine. This allows us to nourish ourselves, to draw off the nourishment that we can use to feed our lives, to support and nourish others.

This provides us with an incredible rich, intuitive guidance system that can help us navigate our way through challenges, through problems, through trials, and tribulations. It can support us in every part of our life’s journey.

Life is a journey, and the mermaid is a symbol of us on this journey, supported by the great ocean. The great ocean is the Great Mother. The balance of the salt and minerals in the water is cleansing, rich and healing in every way. So the mermaid is the part of us, that is healing ourselves and fully functioning in the divine feminine. Come & join us. Let’s bring her into our bodies!

May: Female Energy and Troubles: How to Dance with them vs. Being Tackled by Them


We all have troubles, as long as we’re alive, we’re going to have some; it’s just part of the journey of being human.

How many times have you felt like a trouble tackled you. Yes! I mean like a football tackle! You just get jumped by it! And then you are in the dust, once you’re in the dust, it can be hard to get back up/ When you up, you can feel magical and full of intuition, and the ability to heal, nourish, manifest, and create. When you up (not buried under a trouble tackle) you can easily just receive the beautiful essence of the feminine. Receiving this allows you space to dance!

Our goal in this workshop is to take our troubles dancing. To let them know that we’re a dance partner with them. Informing them, that we are not interested in being tackled and we’re not going to stand for it anymore! It’s 2024 and we’re inviting our troubles to lineup on our dance card…. and we are gonna dance with them.

This is going to be a blast. Come join us for some wonderful healing and fantastic discovery….as well exploration of the dance floor.

June: Female Energy and Higher Love: What is it really, How to Move with its Rhythm


There is a flow of love coming to each us, all the time every minute, every day. For us, as women, it comes into our hearts. Here, it guides us, expands us, and supports us in all that we do. It supports our totality of being us. All women have this connection with a divine love. It can pour, like a waterfall flowing into our hearts.

This Love also wants to lift us. It wants to lift us above all kinds of churning, stuck darkness and old unprocessed emotions, challenges and other peoples stuff. In this workshop, we will give it space to lift us.

We will consider what is love really? Our process being to: Learn to tune in to what the rhythm of love is, so that we can ride it in our bodies and within ourselves. Once that is happening, then, it flowing into all the many realigns & situations that come up in our lives.

We will each identify some of the blocks we have, to receiving this higher love. We’ve had a lot of conditioning that wants us to do something else, so we’re going to be letting go of whatever we can, so that we can experience, live in and promote a higher love.

Ready? We are here to do this with you.

July: Female Energy and the Ocean: Allowing the Mother of all to Nourish & Cherish You


The ocean is Divine Mother. She is the one who moves with the moon and her tides are ever flowing and changing. Just like they do within us women. In the womb, we all lived in the amniotic fluid, which is very much like the ocean before we were born. (If you have birthed babies, then you have provided this) We all cry the tears of the ocean. The ocean is such a big part of who we are, as well as it being 2/3 of our planet! In most languages the ocean is called the mother.

In this workshop you’re going to spend some fantastic time with your mother. You will be loved, nourished, nurtured. You will be deeply healed in a way that is simply to be referred to as profound. This is something so necessary to all of us women.

We tend to provide it, to do that and stay happy, well and productive, we must also receive it.

You may live near the ocean and you may live far away, but she lives inside of you. Remember she is in 2/3 of you!

So come join us as we learn to surrender to the tides and not try to control them, but let them carry on the ocean of life in a way that allows us to be in love with each day. When we allow these tides and currents to move freely, it can bing us wellness, joy & a fluid sense of happiness and peace.

Note: You may want to have epsom salts on hand for after the workshop and your bath.

August: Female Energy: Your Sprit & Your Instinctive Nature: How to live Harmoniously with Both


Each of us is a spiritual being. This part of us has been around for a many lifetimes. We been incarnate in male as well as female bodies. This part of us is wise, connected and filled with magic of the soul, the divine. This part of us is eternal, it’s the part that can transcend the little and the petty stuff.

Our instinctive nature is hardwired into our DNA. It has to do with where on the planet that we’re from, it can be woven into our ethnicity and our root culture… It’s the information of being part of a species…it’s also information about staying alive, surviving, etc. This part of us is fully female, because the body is female.

So there’s a gap that we have to bridge between the instinctive nature in this purely female body with the eternal spirit that moves differently through the universe, than this body that has this one precious life. We plan to navigate that gap!

In this workshop, we’re going to let go of some of the problems and challenges that have gotten stuck between the human spirit and the instinctive being… Goal: to bring in fantastic grace & so much love. We will bring in some balance and well-being at many different levels, so the two of you, can become a fantastic team, living in harmony in the female body on this good Earth.

Come join us! This is such a huge challenge each and every day for all of. The potency of our spirits and the instincts of our animal self. Lets bring in some mage that supports them together.

September: Female Energy and Health: Rising your Vibration for Optimum Well-Being


Health is one of the most important things that we have. Life without it, becomes (as you know) far more difficult. As you well know, women’s health is an act of magic, love & grace Sometimes seeming to be laced with luck or not?

Some of the information and help that we often need, may not be in the main stream. There are lots of alternatives, but it can get very overwhelming.

The word health derives from the old English HAELTH. This is a wonderful word that means: Whole. Something that is complete within itself. Wow! Isn’t that delicious?

So, having our complete health has to do with wholeness. When there’s a part of our body that doesn’t seem to be functioning properly, then part of the cure is always going to be discovered in what is wholeness for us? Has this part been left out, or does it feel to be not part of the whole? If the vibration drops too much then the disconnect between parts of ourselves obscures well being. So… we need to get the energy back up!

Women tend to disperse and to give away pieces of themselves. In this workshop, we are going to be calling these pieces back and really focusing on you as whole. If you were a piece of music or a vibration or a color… ?? Finding what truly is yours and setting the intent to bring it back to its correct vibration….so your light flows through the all of you!

Come join us for a journey with our own health, finding discovering and celebrating our own essential vibration and then raising it up above all the heavy stuff that would take us down and have us lose our wholeness.

October: Female Energy: Female Energy and the Darkness; How to live in Grace with It, Encountering Transformation


There is a healthy, beautiful, nourishing darkness, this one comes at night time and allows us deep rich delicious renewing sleep. There is rich darkness under and within the Earth. It nourishes, seeds, dreams, plants and food crops, and so much more.

In our society, however, dark and light have been deeply polarized, and this causes a lot of pain, shame and discomfort in our hearts, our souls and our bodies as women. The line of what is dark, and what is light that apparently has been drawn in the sand, is not as well defined as we are led to believe by modern culture. A transformation is called for and this is just the time of year to have it.

There’s a lot of gray area, and in order to be whole, which is healthy, which is what we addressed last month… we need to find grace with the darkness as well as in the gray area. We need to find peace and sweetness with the darkness that is in ourselves, and, possibly in our families, workspaces and certainly in our society.

We are going to encounter it in various individuals, situation and experiences. How can we as women stay in a receptive Flow that is divine and be filled with starlight and magic and nourishment? How can we live in grace with darkness?

Come, join us and will take this journey together. We look forward to seeing you! This workshop will provide us each with a deep and real transformation.

November: Female Energy and Miracles: Creating in this Energy Level in every day Life


The Latin root or miracle is Miracullum. Which means “object of wonder”. You go further back, and this derived from the word Smeiros. Meaning to make you smile, which is exactly what we do when a miracle happens!

We will really look into the frequency of a miracle. It’s a certain rate of vibration. We will consider this vibration during the workshop. As we are able to experience, understand, accept, have, welcome and receive as women… this vibration… It will pour more and more profoundly into all the aspects of our lives.

We can have miracles in our personal lives, our career lives, and on our spiritual journeys. They can happen to people around us… We can create a sphere that we live in where this miracle vibration is just humming. Others will benefit and we will begin to do that during this workshop.

There are things that get in the way of this, so we will be addressing them! Letting a lot of them go and creating a space for ourselves in this incarnation, for time and space to be in a place of wonder, the place of smiling, the place where miracles are born! Lets join into this vibration and leave the workshop carrying it within us!

December: Female Energy and the Holy Grail: Healing with Mother Mary and Angel Gabriel


Mother, Mary and the Archangel Gabriel are a dream team in the season of light, which is December. These are the energic supports that help us birth the gold, or Christed vibration inside of us.

One of the births that we as women are all hardwired to have is the birth of this beautiful gold in our own beings. A gold that’s so brilliant, and so full of love and acceptance that it brings us radiance from the inside all the way to the outside. This is a radiance that spreads, like little golden bubbles and fabulous sparkles, all through December and then blossoms into a new year! Let’s together, have this process. Can’t wait!

That’s our goal. Come join us. We’re pretty excited to be working with Mary and Gabriel at the same time. I’m sure you will be too!