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Are you a Graduate of a Clairvoyant Training Program?

If you have graduated from a 1+ year Clairvoyant Training Program in the Lewis Bostwick tradition, we have many courses for you to continue your Clairvoyant education. If you are interested in one of our graduate-level programs, please reach out through the form below.

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What is the Lewis Bostwick Tradition?

  • Reading someone you don’t know, in a reading line format at least once a week for a year to two years.
  • A weekly clairvoyant class, with a minimum of 6 months Beginning- and a minimum of 6 months Advanced-levels, for a total of 12 to 24 months.
  • Monthly tools checks / energy checks with a staff member.
  • Attending healing clinics, fairs, demos, and special events (if available)

Graduate Programs Inquiry

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