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One day I was sitting meditating in my yard, and I was distracted by the antics of my cat.

He’s crossed over now, but at the time he was a huge orange glory, with big red spirals painted on his sides. His name was Teddy. He was a soft, ecstatic, very loving cat. Definitely more on the sensitive side than the wild side. He was a charmer, and people were attracted to his energy and the radiance that he would exude. I actually had friends that we come over to my house just to meditate with him! So cute. He inspired many souls, and I send him a tribute as I write this.

On this particular spring morning, He was sitting in the garden, looking very intently at certain flowers. He would be very still, and then his head would move, he was very carefully watching something; the intensity of him laced with the curiosity and the luminosity that he exuded was powerful . He wasn’t hunting, he was experiencing and he seem to be connecting. I wanted to know what he was experiencing? What was he looking at with so much intensity and wonder? What was it that had truly captivated his gaze, his interest and his heart?

I was so curious, that I had a wild idea. I sent him a golden spiritual hello and asked him if it would be OK if I entered into his head for just a moment and looked at the world through his six chakra or 3rd eye, so I could see what he was looking at? He indicated that he would permit it, if it was quick and short. Well if you know anything about the mystery of cats, This was a huge concession and incredibly graceful of him. I was excited.

I prepared, carefully grounding myself. I purposefully left my body. Very gently, I matched his vibration, so that I wouldn’t startle him and I entered the center of his head, his six chakra, and began to look out at the world. Oh my goodness! What I saw was absolutely astounding, it was a game changer for me. A whole new perspective.

When I looked through his third eye, and through his two eyes, I saw so many fairies! They were tiny and of an immense variety and color spectrum. They had beautiful filmy little wings, and they were dressed in the plant colors & patterns of the flowers and plants they seemed to be associated with. The fuchsia fairies were wearing a dazzling, rich purple and incredible rose colored outfits that were shaped in the image of the bell like flowers. The Nasturtium’s were bright orange, and yellow and red with dancing skirts and vests.

The rose fairies were dressed in jewel tones of little rose blossom outfits. There were fern, fairies that were dressed in gentle flowing fern leaves…. Tiny moss fairies with the most beautiful lace outfits… Oh, and a whole array more. Glorious, all of them were smiling and capricious. They were so full of mischief and fun. Each of them were moving with exuberant freedom and industrious busyness as they attended their various plants in the middle of their work. I loved it! They would stop and laugh and do a little dances. My cat was watching them enjoy themselves and dance among the plants. He was watching them do their jobs in such a playful way; as he did so, he was communing with them. His ability to be part of their world was staggering to me. Sometimes one would come over and tickle something into his ear, and I would hear the gentle rumblings of him purring.

My visit wasn’t long enough, but respectfully, I had to stay a very short time like I told him. I didn’t want to burden him with the vibration of a human consciousness inside of his body for more than a moment, he was very gracious about the whole thing.

Now, when my cats go racing off into the garden so hungrily, I know there’s a lot more going on besides chasing lizards. I know that the cats are out there dancing with the elementals, watching them play and being part of it…it’s really astounding how much they resonate with the fairies and the soft, sweet communication that they have with each other.

If your feline friends are house cats, well, not to worry. It’s pretty amazing how much information they can get and communication with the fairies they can have, by just sitting in a window and looking out. If it inspires you, I would urge you to get house plants, and to make sure you keep a bouquet or two of flowers in your house at all times. Fairies aren’t confined to outdoors. They will come in and tend your house plants. If you put out a bouquet of flowers, they will come dance in the bouquet! Fairies tend to flowers whether they’re cut or they’re outside growing. They work with the lifeblood, the blossom, the fragrance and the whole vibrational structure of the plant; it’s what they do. It’s a beautiful symbiotic relationship and your animals can experience it indoors or out

When we allow the fairies, plenty of room in our environment and keep it safe for them, when we encourage the cats to have this wonderful communion, a beautiful golden vibration of warmth, light and nourishment is born, and it feeds us as well.

So if you like cats, and like fairies… You will understand now, that their relationship with each other is profound and sweet… And just being around it will make your world a brighter more magical place! It will bring a sweet sense of well-being to your home, and even to your dreams and sleeping.

Here’s to the love of cats & Fairies.


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