Clairvoyant Teacher's Training Program


Live, Online Graduate-Level Clairvoyant Training

This is a rotational curriculum, open for enrollment at any time.

Embrace Your Light as a Spiritual Leader & Teacher

Magic Isle’s Clairvoyant Teacher’s Training Program is perhaps the most comprehensive psychic training in the world in the Lewis Bostwick tradition. This 3+ year Program is a profound spiritual initiation that will support you as you grow into a confident, compassionate, and aware teacher and leader in the world.

On this path, you will discover how to live freely as your whole self: a spiritual being in a body, enjoying your own life adventure.

You can take these teachings into every part of your life
with your own style, vibration and truth.


Is Clairvoyant Teacher's Training For Me?

Rev. Lisa French teaching to a group of Clairvoyants.
Rev. Lisa French teaching to a group of Clairvoyants.

If you have graduated from a 1+ year Clairvoyant Program in the Lewis Bostwick tradition, this is a powerful next step in the development of your spiritual growth.

In the Teacher's Training Program you will learn to own your light, your crown chakra, and grow into your own highest vision of who you are.


  • Are you a Clairvoyant Graduate out there teaching in the world? Or wishing you had the confidence to teach?
  • Are you running a business or household, giving readings, or just being alive?!
  • Are you seeking deeper Clairvoyant training in a supportive, structured curriculum?
  • Do you simply wish to have, enjoy and use your crown chakra to create seniority, personal power and wellness in all aspects of your life?
  • Do you love the fun, the amusement & potent healing of a great clairvoyant class?
  • If yes to any of the above... this very well might be the program for you!

In this program you will learn to be comfortable going out in the world with these teachings, whether you are an active teacher or passive teacher.

  • An active teacher gives readings, teaches classes, supports students, and enthusiastically shares the Clairvoyant tools and teachings in the world.
  • A passive teacher holds the vibration in their crown and effects positive light and transformation everywhere, and does so quietly.

Some students become active teachers in the world, or graduate and join our staff. Many students choose to be passive teachers who hold the light and power in their crown chakras, and quietly light the way for people everywhere with their very presence.


In this Program, You Will Learn to:

Empower your crown chakra to be strong and clear anywhere and everywhere you go.

Know how to set clairvoyant energy in a myriad of ways and at different levels.

Understand when you are lit up on a picture vs stuck in an issue.

Discover how to meet situations in life with your crown vs react from your lower chakras.

Recognize the true difference between knowing and understanding!

Become a true clairvoyant teacher, empowered in knowing the curriculum, and authentically knowing yourself.

Gain tremendous strength and certainly in your communication with the God of your heart and with Great Spirit.

Correctly identify the difference between clairvoyant energy and trance-medium energy. When the TM energy changes or ungrounds the space, you will know what is happening and how to rectify this.

Learn to teach as yourself vs channeling another being: this will keep you healthy, humble & wise.

Gather an astounding level of resources and people to rely on when you are challenged or have a problem.

Become part of world wide network of clairvoyant teachers and have colleagues you can count on.

Be confident and safe to go out and do clairvoyant readings on your own.

Who Will I Become in the Process?

Students of the Magic Isle Program, receiving their certificates at the annual Graduation Ceremony.
Students of the Magic Isle Program, receiving their certificates at the annual Graduation Ceremony.

Upon graduation from the Clairvoyant Teacher's Training Program, you will receive a certificate authenticating you as a Clairvoyant Teacher from one of the most prestigious clairvoyant schools in today's world, The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, established in 1997.

You will also be ordained as a minister with all the rights & privileges pertaining to that title. This means you can practice this work as a legal spiritual pursuit. This authenticates you when you wish to practice your spirituality and teach, read or heal. One privilege of note is that you will have the right to use the title, "Reverend" before your name.

And while you will earn these powerful symbols of accomplishment, the truest value of the program is not just what you will achieve, but rather who you will become in the process. If you embrace the full program, you will be educated in all levels of the clairvoyant curriculum, and discover how to live in clairvoyant flow and grace each and every day.


How the Teacher's Training Program Works

What it Means to Be a Spiritual Teacher & Leader

Becoming a Clairvoyant teacher and Spiritual Leader is so much more than simply teaching a curriculum. In this program, you will learn how to embody what you teach, and practice what you preach in your daily life…. in kindergarten and in flow!

To be a good teacher, you must learn to know yourself and your vulnerabilities, as well as your strengths.

In graduating from this program, you can feel confident you will have the tools, skills, perspective and divine connection to safely teach Clairvoyance in this world, while living it every day.

Our professional and dedicated staff will support your journey and help you find your answers and solutions all along the way! You will learn to teach clairvoyance and all the fantastic curriculum, in way that is safe and healthy for yourself and for your students.

This is the most comprehensive Clairvoyant Teacher's Training Program in the world. You will learn to:

  • Teach all the basic Clairvoyant curriculum
  • Truly get out of spiritual competition and all levels of struggle
  • Develop and strengthen your crown chakra
  • Develop seniority, neutrality and amusement in relationship to spirits without bodies
  • Live and Teach with humor
  • Work with your shadow and dark side
  • Identify people's soul evolution & energy types to best understand them
  • Not to get lost in other people's projections, emotions, energies, etc.
  • Continue to deepen your skill set with the basic clairvoyant tools
  • Work with the Akashic records
  • & Much much more

These teachings will serve you for your entire life, whether you choose to teach Clairvoyance as an active teacher, or a passive leader who lives as a radiant example of true spiritual freedom.


Your Program Teachers

Rev. Lisa (third from right), and the Magic Isle staff and teachers.

Rev. Lisa French is the primary teacher of this program.

Rev. Lisa has four decades of experience as a trained clairvoyant, most of which she has been actively teaching psychics. For three years, Rev. Lisa taught the Teacher's Training Program for Lewis S. Bostwick, in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lewis essentially founded the Clairvoyant movement in this era. Generally there were always well over 50 people in this class & the energy was fantastic!

Rev. Lisa is also the Founder and Executive Director of the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, which officially began on the Big Island of Hawaii in April of 1997. We are now over 25 years old! Lisa originally taught all of the 6 week classes, ran demonstrations, healing clinics, a myriad of special events, as well as special workshops and trainings at beginning & advanced levels.

Lisa's passion is training people to live from the power of the crown chakra. She is a profound teacher.

In this program, you will also have the opportunity to work with a whole set of fantastic counselors and teachers from our Magic Isle staff.


Common Questions about the Teacher's Training Program

Are you a Graduate of a Clairvoyant Training Program,
Looking at Your Next Spiritual Step?

Complete the form below, or contact the Magic Isle Office at, or 808 323-9699, and one of our top staff will discuss the program details, energy, and your goals. We have a simple spiritual agreement form you get to sign, and off you go on a profound and magical adventure.

Prerequisities: Graduation from a 1+ year Clairvoyant Program in the Lewis Bostwick Tradition.

What is the Lewis Bostwick Tradition?

  • Reading someone you don’t know, in a reading line format at least once a week for a year to two years.
  • A weekly clairvoyant class, with a minimum of 6 months Beginning- and a minimum of 6 months Advanced-levels, for a total of 12 to 24 months.
  • Monthly tools checks / energy checks with a staff member.
  • Attending healing clinics, fairs, demos, and special events (if available)
  • Learning to meditate regularly

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