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Chocolate for Clairoyance?



Chocolate For Clairvoyance?

A simple definition for clairvoyance is “Clear Seeing”. The pineal gland located near the center of the head in the area of the third eye contains our 6th sense. This gland is directly related to clairvoyance, it regulates the amount of light we bring into the body and how open or closed it is, will determine our ability to see a picture, to see a vision and to be able to hold a vision.

The pineal gland is the most important gland in the developing clairvoyant or person of vision. As we create, play with our visions and work hard to hold onto our dreams, the pineal gland demands nourishment. As we grow we actually change the energy vibrations in our bodies and we need to feed the important energy centers, such as the pineal gland, that support our growth.

One of the reasons (besides the fact that it is so good and often referred to as “Vitamin C”) many developing clairvoyants find themselves craving chocolate is that it contains lecithin. Lecithin is highly beneficial to the pineal gland and as you are exercising this gland it actually craves lecithin! If you are not getting enough (and you will need a great deal) from other sources in your life, chocolate may become a very good friend to you… and…. it is nourishing you and validating spiritual growth in your body! Is that wonderful or what?

Ever wonder why some of us can’t seem to visualize or create a picture in the minds eye? This is because the minds eye is closed. The pineal gland can get jammed closed for many reasons. This can be repaired. You can get healing’s on this. You can also learn to use energetic tools and techniques that by clearing the inner channels begin to remove the old residue and limits off your vision.

Ever wonder why some people are overwhelmed by imagery, are oversensitive, overwhelmed, and some times over or under weight? These people have the minds eye wide open. They are getting too much information and are overwhelmed and blown out by it. Sometimes people with this problem resort to excess alcohol. Yet be reassured all of this is far from impossible to resolve.

Our sister school, the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii offer people with either of these challenges or anywhere in-between some tools and techniques to heal and actually learn to play and have fun with your pineal gland. You get to you learn to be the one who can adjust it to a place where it is comfortable for you and allows you to see enough to have a lot of freedom, but not so much that you end up preaching on street corners.


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