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Angels of Abundance


I love to sit and listen to the angel meditations I lead! I recently I listened to the angels of abundance.

Lots of people are talking about abundance, different ways of creating it, visualizing it, intending it, setting goals, getting coaching… That it is limitless, etc. A lot of this involves lots of thinking.

What I loved about this journey with the angels, is the angels brought into our sanctuary, these incredible vibrational waves of abundance and prosperity that they command. They brought them in, and we just sat in them and experienced them healing us.

What do I mean by healing us? The waves were washing through us and helping us release all kinds of patterns of lack and hurt and insufficiency. They were deeply aligning us, with the true abundance that exists in our universe. It was complete bliss to sit in these waves of energy, to experience the pure abundance. Not have to think about it, or to talk about it, or write an intention, or set a goal, but simply to sail as a spirit through this liberating expansive field of energy. To be nourished, renewed, and cleansed by these glorious waves of prosperity. To understand that they are true, and that the angels can bring them to us, that these waves of prosperity can support your whole body, or whole energy system, your whole chakra system, and they’re far beyond the thinking of the mind.

I found it, life-changing, and miraculous. Come join us, if you’d like to listen, you can find this meditation in our audio download store.


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