Realize Your Divine Essence, Your Radiant Self

Empower your soul's purpose with
Wisdom teachings & Clairvoyant transformation


Your soul has a unique calling...
Are you ready to answer the call?

The most sacred gift you can give yourself is to answer the call of your own spirit.

Discover Your Own Essential Frequency

Attract All You Need to Grow and Awaken.

Become More Deeply YOU.

Say yes to the call, and you will open to your higher self and your purpose, and discover the keys to your own spiritual freedom. Say yes to the call and...

Learn profound spiritual tools to
know your essence and live your destiny.


Magic Isle offers classes,
in-depth courses & profound adventures
for spiritual journeyers of all levels.

At Magic Isle, we teach spiritual tools and techniques in a magical and safe environment.

We offer a sanctuary that allows you the space to commune with your own highest self and discover your vibration, your truth, your information & answers. Our Sanctuary classrooms are light theaters of discovery to support you in and on your spiritual journey.

Our classes and offerings take place
via Audio Tele-Seminar in our "Global Classroom."
Participate from anywhere!


Upcoming Classes...

Join an Upcoming Teleconference Class

Participate live via audio teleconference, and also receive the audio recording after the event.

We have many classes open to all levels of spiritual seekers.

Join us from anywhere on the planet and have some exciting healings, discoveries & transformations!


Healing Yourself Heals the Whole

Each of us is like an island. We must each learn to care for, restore, and radiate well being and connection to our source on our personal island: a Magic Isle.

There is often much to become aware of, shift and transform in our personal realm. Sometimes we feel separated in so many fundamental ways and need to find our way back to feeling connected. There is this wild dance of balance between our separateness and our connection to the world.

Everyone has their own unique self. Our goal is to for you to have your own vibration in a creative state of well being on your island; while at the same time experiencing the support and the musical potential of the whole divine world around you!

Participating in classes with the Magic Isle / Hale Ola Pono & The Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii provides this healing and support.

Hale Ola Pono literally translates to: “The House of Life, Truth, Integrity and Healing.”

Welcome to Magic Isle!

Rev. Lisa French (third from right), and the Magic Isle Team.
Rev. Lisa French (third from right), and the Magic Isle Team.

Magic Isle is a non-profit spiritual organization, founded by Rev. Lisa French in 1997, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

We offer all levels of spiritual training, for everyone who is seeking understanding on the spiritual path. Whether you are just starting out on your spiritual journey, or you've been on the path for many, many years... we have classes and events to nurture your essence and fulfill your soul's destiny.

Our founder, Rev. Lisa French is also the founder and executive director of our sister school, the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii. Rev. Lisa began her studies in 1983 in Berkley, California with the founder of modern day clairvoyant training, Dr. Lewis S. Bostwick. She has trained thousands of psychics and clairvoyant teachers all over the world.

You will likely meet Rev. Lisa, and our fabulous Magic Isle teachers, in all the myriad classes, programs and spiritual adventures you can enjoy at Magic Isle!

It is our intention in all that we offer, to provide an educational healing center where people from all parts of the world, all different backgrounds, ages and cultures, may restore, heal and discover their own truth with awareness and enthusiasm.

Join us from anywhere on the planet and receive some enriching healings, potent discoveries & radiant transformations!


We see you illuminated,
We see you free,
We see you healthy & well,
We see you radiating with joy, enthusiasm and wonder.
We see you as knowing & clear in who you are.
All of our training programs, counselings and activities are created with this at the core.

You are on a spiritual journey;
It is called your life.
There are many challenges!
We are here to remind you who you are,
Because inside you are all the jewels in the universe and all the stars in the sky.
Our task is to empower you with tools to make this journey a fulfilling & prosperous one.